– Ein del av Hardanger og Voss museum

– A part of Hardanger and Voss museum

Baking ‘krotakaker’ flatbread

‘Krotakaker’ flatbread in the smokehouse

Every Tuesday in July, a group of experienced bakers come to the smokehouse at the museum cluster to bake ‘krotakaker’ flatbread.

They light the oven with firewood, prepare the dough, roll it out with a special rolling pin and bake the delicious flatbread.

This is traditional Hardanger fare. They are like flatbread, but the dough is made of rye flour, water and yeast, and they are rolled out with a special rolling pin. They are best with butter when dry or moistened with butter and ‘prim’ cheese. Try them along with salty dishes, as an accompaniment with your main meal, or with a cold cut.

Come and experience traditional baking at the museum cluster! You can buy Krotakaker flatbread from the bakers, or in our shop