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Ankle socks knitting kit

Ankle socks knitting kit

We sell knitting kits for ankle socks in the museum shop. The kit contains everything you need to knit these beautiful socks.

The ankle socks (sjonaleistar) are part of the costume tradition in Hardanger and in Voss. They are used by women, men and children. They have a multi-colour patterned border around the ankle in twined knitting, while the rest of the sock is white.

We have knitting kits in the museum shop with everything you need to knit these ankle socks. The kits contain 100g Norwegian lamb’s wool for the socks, around 100g fine, 5-thread worsted yarn in 7 colours, white linen thread for use in the patterned border, red woollen material for the edging, 4 pairs of brass hooks, a set of steel double pointed needles – 1.25 mm and a set of 2.0 mm aluminium double pointed needles. You also get a handmade wooden holder for knitting needles. The kit is in a nice, black cotton bag with ‘#sjonaleistar’ in red on the front. A pattern is also included (in Norwegian only). The pattern booklet includes patterns for six different patterned borders and 3 types of heels, tips on how to adjust the sock and some history and many gorgeous photos. The patterned part of the sock is made by twined knitting.

Here, you can find a link to a short film that shows you how to do twined knitting, which will also prove useful for other types of knitting: https://vimeo.com/283390781

You can also watch a film about how to knit twined knitting with different coloured wool: https://vimeo.com/283408535

 Price per kit NOK 795 If you would like the kit to be sent to you, fill out the contact form below, or phone us at (+47) 47 47 98 84 or send an email to post@hvm.museum.no. You can pay by invoice or Vipps. Postage charges come in addition.

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