National costumes and bridal costumes for hire

National costumes for women, men and confirmands

Hardanger Folk Museum in Utne hires out both women’s and men’s national costumes.

  • We have bridal costumes, broches etc. and crowns.
  • We have costumes with jackets and shirts, and suits with vests and belts for men.
  • We have national costumes for confirmands – for both boys and girls.
  • We adapt the costumes for those who are going to wear them. Contact us to try a national costume.


Hardanger has rich costume traditions. The bridal costume is different from the ordinary woman’s national costume. It has a red skirt, is richly decorated and has a black jacket, Two bodice pieces are attached to the jacket, which are beaded or have eyelets. The silver belt is worn first as a bride, as is a ‘Agnus Dei’ necklace around the neck. The beautiful bridal crowns are rooted in the worship of the Virgin Mary during the Middle Ages.


Museumsvegen 36, 5778 Utne
Tlf: 474 79 884


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  • 23. juni-21. august: Tys-sundag kl 11-16
  • 25. august-18. desember tys-fredag kl 9-15

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Museumsvegen 36, Utne

Tel: +47 474 79 884

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